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Frigotehnika2000 operates internationally offers customers solutions for every challenge in the areas of Food Service Equipment Industry, divided in three business segments: Commercial Kitchen Equipment, Bakery shops equipment and Confectioneries & coffe shops equipment.

By combining our technical and management capabilities with the focus of an independent private comapny, we believe we an unlock the potential for all our customers by helping them focus on their mission and core competencies, while Frigotehnika2000 takes care of the rest, through offering the complete guidence and support on turning ideas into successfully businesses.

Our highly skilled workforce of 25 employees and by combining our technical and management capabilities with the focus of an independent private.

Our highly skilled and dedicated workforce of over 25 employees—a cultural blend of more than 3 nationalities—is central to providing exceptional and consistent quality service.

Our multifaceted offering, combined with our proven self-performance capabilities, is unmatched among service and project management companies and uniquely positions us to compete anywhere in the world.

We produce not only your shop fittings to the highest quality standards, but also accompany you throughout the project. From the initial consultation through the creation of the most meaningful concept for you, our focus is entirely on your sales success. Our architectural designs for you nice facilities at the highest level and also loses current trends never out of sight. In addition, our architects are always at your side when it comes to the technical construction work.

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Our company is a leader in providing value - added services to our customers, by creating a successful partnership with them throughout production process. Maintaining highest level of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in our relationship with our customers we perform market competitive prices.

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We have developed a set of goals which we will work to achieve customer satisfication. We offer a portfolio of quality products that anticipate customer's desires and needs. Maximising long-term return to our company, while being mindful of our overall responsibility.

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Our company is focused to continue in meeting the requirments of customers by challenging ourself in every day routine. Customers feedback is our main advantage to continue in growth of sales and development of new technologies in food service equipment area. In the aspect of environmental optimisation we initiate and take place in different projects, so for our next step we are concentrated to deliver sustainable health, safety, security and environmental excellence.

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Our agent are specialised technicians that are able to quickly resolve the varied customer requirements. To guarantee effective service Frigo Tehnika 2000 periodically organises training and updating its agents about newest technologies.
Thanks to technical engineers and architects and interior designers that Frigo Tehnika 2000 has in its own team. Teamwork assists us in realisation of projects in customer focused way from simple consultancy to full design.
Consultancy and for any other information about main products, free estimates and support is our main adventage that is important for customer feedback.

Frigo Tehnika 2000 staff is qualified for service of dealer assembles and installs all over the world. Professionalism, experience more than 40 years and precision are main qualities recognised to our installers that contribut to our success.
Our staff assembles and installs all over the world. This is a great opportunity to keep in touch with our customers.
Training and updating our team regarding recent innovations about the technology we deal is primary task. Technical department and our architects are up to date by having qualitications from many associations in Macedonia and out of it.

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